Harmonic Convergence

In 1987 a free-spirited woman invited me to a harmonic convergence. I didn’t know what a harmonic convergence was, but she was an interesting person with whom I wanted to spend time and I was happy to learn something new.

This harmonic convergence, I learned from Wikipedia, was a synchronized, worldwide meditation taking advantage of an alignment of the Sun, the Earth, our Moon, and five other planets. I don’t remember being aware of the convergence goals of shifting the earth’s energy from warlike to peaceful, initiating a five-year period of cleansing, and removing false structures of separation, but I was glad to help.

She picked me up in her battered pickup truck––I love battered pick-up trucks with history and adventure written in every dent. The tarp-covered bed of her truck was filled with the stuff a person who is working on more things than she finishes collects.

We drove to a field selected for its convergence and harmonic powers somewhere near Eklutna, Alaska, not far from where I live. It was a 24-hours event from the 16th to the 17th of August and participant’s tents were set up along one the edge of the field. I didn’t know this harmonic convergence was a 24-hour event and didn’t bring any camping gear. My guide knew it was a 24-hour event; but she didn’t bring any camping gear either. She did, however, bring three large, heavy suitcases she considered necessary for the event.

We parked in the trees at the edge of a large field near the tents. In the field were perhaps a hundred people walking in a circle, chanting, and banging drums.

I helped carry her suitcases to a rock outcrop at the edge of the field where we had an unobstructed view of the participants––and they of us.

Her suitcases were filled with rocks and crystals and fabrics and the paraphernalia of many mainstream and obscure religions and beliefs.  She created an elaborate alter with the trees for a backdrop and the chanting circle as a congregation. I thought this was pretty cool.

Then she put some feathers in one hand and a smoldering sage smudge in the other and started to dance and wave her hands around and chant loudly in front of the alter. I began feeling a little less cool; but I had my back to the circle of participants and I hadn’t recognized anyone I knew so I didn’t feel too conspicuous. None of the participants seemed to think anything was out of the ordinary and I thought, “Okay, I can do this.” and sat on the grass to watch her incantations. I was quite comfortable.

When she finished, turned to me, and said; “Now you do it.”

In for a penny, in for a pound!

*       *       *

Of course I did it. I don’t know how well. She seemed happy.

Later I walked in the circle, chanted, and occasionally banged on a borrowed drum. I met a lot of interesting people. They shared their time and their food. Later in the evening when it began to rain my partner took a tarp from her truck, folded it in half, and we slept on the ground between the folds.

We were cold and soggy in the morning and decided that since the planets were doing all of the heavy lifting anyway we could safely leave the convergence goals to them and put our efforts elsewhere.

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