Harmonic Convergence

In 1987 a free-spirited woman invited me to a harmonic convergence. I didn’t know what a harmonic convergence was, but she was an interesting person with whom I wanted to spend time and I was happy to learn something new.

This harmonic convergence, I learned from Wikipedia, was a synchronized, worldwide meditation taking advantage of an alignment of the Sun, the Earth, our Moon, and five other planets. I don’t remember being aware of the convergence goals of shifting the earth’s energy from warlike to peaceful, initiating a five-year period of cleansing, and removing false structures of separation, but I was glad to help.

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Bungee Jumping

The road from Chitna to McCarthy, Alaska, follows, in fact is, seventy miles of the defunct Copper River & Northwestern Railway bed that carried copper ore from the Kennecott mine near McCarthy to steamships at Cordova. The tracks are gone now and the sleepers and many spikes and nails are covered with too thin a layer of gravel. I have never made the one hundred and forty mile round trip with fewer than two flat tires.

There is a certain mind-set required to travel that road. Over the Copper River Bridge outside Chitna the road becomes single lane as it traverses up a continuously collapsing sand bank. In spite of constant maintenance the collapsing sand leaves deep scallops in the road creating many unstable sections.

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